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Ranked Member Guides: How To Be a Clan Captain.
Version: 1.0  ●  Last Updated Jan 01, 2013

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  • How to become a Clan Captain

    Notice: Disregard & Skip this guide if your Clans' Chain of Command is already
                  filled. If not, continue reading.
    If your trying to become a Clan Captain 
                  in a KMB Clan with a filled Chain of Command, you must do so through
                  winning elections from the bottom up

To become a Clan Captain, you must complete the following 5 Goals:

Note: You are in a race with other recruits to fill the Clan Captain position in the Clan you
          will be a member in. It is strictly first-to-complete gets the position.

1. Learn how to Mass Recruit (Go back to HOW TO RECRUIT of this Guide, if needed).

2. Learn what a Chain of Command is & how it works (Click Here).

3. Recruit until you have 2 Division Captains trained & all online at the same time, then contact your
    Clan Captain so that he/she can meet and review them.

4. You will then be given control of your clan CoC chart to add/remove your Unit-Captains.

What is the Goal/Purpose of KMB & your Gaming Clan?

1. You were recruited to a gaming clan inside the League of KMB, whom sole purpose is to
    provide its
members with an ever increasing premium quality gaming clan environment &

2. You were tasked with completing this guide to be a Division Captain in your clan, & help build it
    to meet the
League's set standards to qualify as an official clan, in order for it to earn a
    monthly revenue that your clan can use to sponsor its own events/activities.

3. You are now being tasked with putting your division of 2 Unit-Captains together, because
    without them, your
position is just a title with no power.

4. Once you have recruited & filled your division with 4 members that has completed the
    Unit-Captain guide:

    - You will assign each of them a unit number 1-2 (or 3-4 depending on your Division) & add
      their names to the Chain of Command.

    - You will request from each of them an email address, and you will send those emails in a
      message to
your Clan Captain.

    - Your Clan Captain will add those emails to your clan CoC Chart administrator list, which  
      allows ranked members to add/remove names on the CoC Chart, but wait for verification from
      the Clan Captain before alerting your Unit-Captains of their new access.
5. After you have filled your division, you are expected to begin & continually meet your set
    expectations as a Division Captain.
    If at some point you lose your way, refer back to the guides that you have read here.

6. Once the CoC of your clan is fully completed and your clan is certified "official", all ranked
    members are required to subscribe to a TFoC Standard Membership ($7.99/mo).

    - If you cannot afford it, you will have to resign your position and become a "member" again,
      whom are not required to subscribe to anything.

    - You will still be able to rise back up the Chain of Command again, but it will be more
      challenging due to promotions being based on winning "elections" in a official KMB Clan.

All guides are created & updated based on feedback, by the League of KMB CLL Division
Committee on Guideline Development & Improvement and are NOT the views expressed by TFoC Network & Company, LLC.
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