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What is TFoC Network?

     TFoC Network is a online gaming clan service that provides gaming clans with websites and other services that allows them to build, organize, and maintain their clan. We also provide their members with both, a casual & pro gaming environment, where they can earn cash with ease from clan leadership positions, participating in events, and streaming their gameplay live here on TFoC.
Company Background

     TFoC Network launched March 3, 2010. In our past formation, we have served as an exclusive web host to private online gaming communities.

     Since March 2012, we adapted the belief that o
nline gaming can serve a far better purpose to the player than just a destination for online hobby competitions. We noticed the inequalities of professional gaming as a sport compared to other commercial sports, such as the NBA, and we have since set out to create an equal platform where gamers can earn a financially-secured living doing what they love, gaming.

     In March 2015, we launched the all-new TFoC Network you see today.

Our Belief

     Gaming careers is not your conventional career such as being a teacher, doctor, or lawyer. But we believe that if professional basketball or football, sports that requires the player to only have great skills and knowledge of the activity at hand, can provide their players with a better paying option than conventional careers, why shouldn't gaming?

     Sports and Video Games are two in the same, but only one provides a player with a high-paying career and the other provides the player with pocket change.

     We believe that not only should gaming be a suitable career choice as one approaches his/her adult life, but it should provide a financially stable and secure lifestyle for a player to support his/her family and any other ambitious goal the player may set out for.


     TFoC Network strives to provide the world of online gaming clans a mainstream commercial experience, to rival that of any commercial mainstream sports, such as the NBA or NFL.

     We are committed to making online gaming a career choice, and to provide gamers the opportunity to earn a middle or upper-class living, playing online video games in our simulated online gaming clan environments.


     To bridge our goals with the online gaming clan world and ensure continuous innovations within our company vision, we have built a strong partnership with today's largest and leading gaming clan organization, the League of KMB. This partnership has brought about unimaginable success between our two organizations. The League of KMB and its members have given us the opportunity to meet the everyday clan gamers, collect their feedback, and develop the services they feel is necessary for a clan community to be successful, stable, and continuous. We in return have used our business savvy skills to develop the necessary services needed, not only for them to enjoy am unrivaled online gaming clan experience, but to make it to where they can do it for a living.

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President and Founder

TFoC Network & Company, LLC
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