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New League of KMB Launch
Started on April 4, 2015



Welcome to the New League of KMB

     With the announcement of TFoC Network Closed Beta, the League of KMB will now begin operating using the Clan Support Guide. All current KMB Clans & members will have the opportunity to participate in the reformation of the new League. We thank the thousands of current & past members of the League for the time, effort, and energy each has contributed in their own way since 2010 that has help shape the League into what it is today.

     Originally, the League of KMB was formed to create the ultimate gaming clan community that would allow a drama-free environment for clans to be built, organize & compete. We started on games like Grand Theft Auto IV, Midnight Club: LA, COD: MW2 to compete with the best and merge with the rest.

     We number over 10,000 members, with 3,500+ alone registered on TFoC Network. But now, after all that we have accomplished and achieved together, we had to ask ourselves what was next? We have spent 5+ years building the League into what is undoubtedly the world’s biggest, best, & most organized gaming clan organization in existence.

     Today, the new League of KMB is now a simulated-gaming clan service that is included and required with any new members of TFoC Network. The League and its official clans will now be required to operate using the Clan Support Guide. The reason why we will be using the Clan Support Guide is because it creates a simulated clan environment, and in exchange, TFoC Network will be paying our Clan Leaders to maintain their clan’s Chain of Command, which provide those simulated services. Our members & Clan Leaders have poured 5+ years into KMB, and now we will now be paid to continue to do so.

  • Whats New?

TFoC Clan Portals
- A Clan Portal is a unique website designed & hosted by TFoC Network exclusively for gaming clan organizations of the League of KMB.
- Clan Portals will be required for all old and new KMB clans, in order to be official KMB Clans and be included on TFoC Network.

Clan Portal Features:

Interactive Clan Management System

Allows a visual top-down micro-management of your clan to ensure that your members are getting quality leadership.

Clan Revenue & Banking System

You & your clan will generate revenue from your Clan Portal Ads, which can be used to sponsor cash prizes for your clan tournaments & events.

Get Paid to Lead & Maintain your Clan

Clan Leaders earn 20% of all Ad revenue generated on their portal.
To Learn How Clan Leaders are Paid, Click Here.)

Clan Leaderboards

Enables your Clans' Crew's, Party's, & Unit's to compare each other based on stats not opinion.

Clan TV Network

Enables your Clan Streamers/Broadcaster to operate on your portal, and allows them to profit from their stream/broadcast page ad revenue.

And More.

  • Starting Today

Before we can accept any clans in the new KMB, old or new, we must rebuild the League backbone and that is the ELL Division (Executive League Leadership Division).

If you would like to participate in this phase, you must join 1 of the 3 Branches of ELL:

Branch of Special Forces (ELL-SF): Enabled.We are looking for gamers that have computers, who do not mind volunteering to
                                                        referee tournaments & events. Click Here For More Info.

Branch of Internal Affairs (ELL-IA):
Disabled, until SF is completed.

Branch of External Affairs (ELL-EA):
Disabled, until IA is completed.

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