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What is the League of KMB?

Posted: April 11, 2015




      The League of KMB, once an independent gaming clan organization on PlayStation 3, is the official gaming clan of TFoC Network and which provides the simulated-gaming clan service we offer.

     Killing Means Business (KMB), commonly referred to as the League of KMB or the League, is a organized league of gaming clans that operates using the Clan Support Guide created by TFoC Network. The League is a simulated-service that comes with a TFoC Membership. The simulation comes from the KMB clans efficient use of the Clan Support Guide. TFoC Network pays the KMB Clan Leaders to maintain their clans, which provide those simulated services.


      The League is governed by its Top 30 Ranked Clans, each of which are selected based on the top 30 listed clans on the TFoC Clan Rankings Leaderboard, which is updated on the 27th day of every month.
(For More Info on How KMB Clans Are Ranked, CLICK HERE)

     The League priorities are set by the league President, Vice-President, & Prime Minister, each of which serves a 3-month term upon winning the League Election that is held every 3 months. In order for you to be eligible to enter a election for any of the top 3 positions in the League, you must be the Clan Leader of a Top 30 Clan on the TFoC Clan Rankings Leaderboard.
All 3 positions are directly elected by the members of the league of KMB in the League Election.
(For More Info on How League Elections Work, CLICK HERE)

     Currently, any gaming clan or gamer, that wish to operate/participate on TFoC Network must be a KMB Clan or be in a KMB Clan. Because we cannot guarantee nor assure the members of non-KMB clans that they will get the standard of simulated-gaming clan services we offer.

Quick KMB History Facts:
- KMB (The Clan) was founded on Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) in June 2008.
  (No KMB Online ID account was used or required.)

- KMB (The Faction) was formed on Midnight Club: Los Angeles in February 2010.
  (KMB Online ID account was used, not required.)

- KMB (The League) was formed on PlayStation Home in November 2010.
  (KMB Online ID account was required.)

- KMB (The Simulated-Gaming Clan service) was launched on TFoC Network in April 2015.
  (KMB Online ID account is required.)

For PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, & PC Users:

Although you may find & see KMB Clans on your respective platform, the League nor TFoC Network officially supports those platforms currently, but will in the near future. Check back for those announcements.


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