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TFoC Network Launches Closed Beta
Started on June 21, 2016


TFoC Network Closed Beta Launch

     We are excited to announce that closed beta testing has begun and the League of KMB has been authorized to do a complete overhaul and restructuring of its League Leadership & Gaming Clans to begin operating using our Clan Support Guide.

     This phase will help ensure that the future members of both TFoC & KMB will have an exciting online social experience and dynamic environment to chart their own path to the gaming clan career of their choice, whether its managing & maintaining gaming clans to competing in non-stop events/activities, or building an online audience with their broadcasts.

Members who take part in this phase will have access to the following:

  • TFoC Network Accesses


TFoC Network® Memberships

1. Free Memberships: The "5 Premium Member Recruits a month" Requirement is being waived and will not be required.

2. Premium Memberships: Standard and Pro Memberships have been enabled & now available for purchase.

3. Add-Ons: TFoC® TV PASS, TFoC® Broadcaster PASS, and TFoC® V.I.P Access PASS are still disabled.

4. Clan Portals: TFoC® Clan Portals are still disabled.


1. Members: Enabled, members can now create TFoC Profiles.

2. Forums: Enabled, members can now post on TFoC Forums.

3. Activities: Disabled.

4. Leaderboards: Disabled, but Clan Rankings can be viewed.


1. Featured Events: Disabled.

2. Tournaments: Disabled.

3. Giveaways: Disabled.

4. Contests: Disabled.


1. News: Enabled.

2. Videos: Disabled.

3. Clan Headlines: Disabled.


1. Rewards: Disabled.

2. Partners: Disabled.

  • League of KMB Accesses

League Leadership

1. Executive League Leadership: Disabled.

2. Central League Leadership: Disabled.

3. Immediate Clan Leadership: Disabled.

Gaming Clans

1. Clan: RLR Gaming Clan will be used as a test clan for the 3-Branches of ELL to train with.

  • Clan Support Guide Accesses

1. Clan Start-Up Guides: Enabled.

2. Member Guides: Enabled.

3. Ranked Member Guides: Enabled.

4. Division Guides: Disabled.

5. Admin Guides: Disabled.

  • Clan Supply Store Accesses

1. The Clan Supply Store will become available in the open beta.


  • TFoC® TV Accesses

1. TFoC.TV will become available in the open beta.


  • Gaming Clan Careers Accesses

1. Gaming Clan Careers will become available in the open beta.

To Get More Info on the New League of KMB & how to Join It, Click Here.

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