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Clan Careers

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Clan Careers: Clan Leader

Position Overview:

     The Clan Leader of a clan plays a very important role in the gaming clan network. It’s the Clan Leader that manages a clan’s chain of command (CoC), which is the group of leaders within a clan that creates the many activities and events found on TFoC Clan Portals (a clan’s website within TFoC Network). The better a Clan Leader is at managing their CoC, the better and more creative/inventive the activities & events will be in that clan. A well managed CoC increases a clan productivity, activity, and stability.

     Well managed activities and events also create interest on a Clans TFoC Clan Portal, which attracts & increases the members of that clan. By clan members consistently visiting their TFoC Clan Portals, it creates web traffic that generates the needed monthly ad revenue (money) for that clan’s activities, events, and website (clan portal) maintenance. That same monthly ad revenue is what is used to pay its Clan Leader monthly.

     The amount of money a Clan Leader & his/her clan earns increases and decreases on a monthly basis, depending on how much ad revenue his/her Clan Portal generates for that month. Therefore, the better clans’ activities and events are managed, the more its members will visit that clan portal, which will boost that clan portal traffic and in turn its ad revenue.


  • Own a PC or MAC Computer
  • Own a Bluetooth/Microphone
  • Own a PS3
  • Have PlayStation Home installed on your PS3.
  • Have a PayPal Account.


  • Clan Leaders receive 20% of his/her Clan Portal Monthly Ad Revenue.
  • His/Her Clan receives 50% of the Clan Portal Monthly Ad revenue and the remaining 30%
       goes to TFoC Network to cover your Clan Portal maintenance.

        Example: A Clan Portal generates $5,000 in Ad Revenue for a month.
                       - 50% = $2,500 goes to the clans Clan Bank.
                       - 30% = $1,500 goes to TFoC Network for Clan Portal Maintenance.
                       - 20% = $1,000 goes to the Clan Leader.

    How to become a Clan Leader:

  • Create & build your own KMB Clan; or
  • Join & rise through the Chain of Command of an already established KMB Clan.
       Keep in mind,
    in a KMB Clan, promotions are done by elections (votes), and are not
       hand-picked by a higher
    ranked member.
       The same goes for demotions, as all ranked members in a KMB clan are voted
     in and out by
       its members.

    Create a Clan | Clan Leader Guide
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