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Pro Gaming Careers: The Battle Season

Version: 1.0  ●  Last Updated Jan 01, 2013

Position Overview: 

     As a participant in The Battle Season, which is a sport-season structured platform for competitive gamers looking for team-based regulated match-ups including Playoffs and Championships, you become Pro League Player. KMB Clans are not small competitive teams on a certain game, but they do have a "Pro League Team" on most major multiplayer games, that competes & represent their clan in TFoC's monthly Battle Seasons. Pro League Teams are paid by their clans, using that clans "clan bank" money. A Pro League Team consists of 16 players, 1 Manager/Coach, and a GFX Team.

     As a Pro League player, you earn cash whether you win or lose a match. The amount of money you earn depends on the contract you and your Clan Leader agreed upon, meaning the more valuable you are,, the more money you can negotiate for.



  • Own a PC or MAC Computer.
  • Own a Bluetooth/Microphone.
  • Own a PS3.
  • Have PlayStation Home installed on your PS3.
  • Have a PayPal Account.


  • A Pro League Player earns cash & other benefits based on the contract they agree upon with their Clan
       Leader, which can be negotiated based on their importance to the team.

        Example: A mediocre Pro League Player contract.
                       - 1 Season for $900.00 ---- $10/Match Win - $5/Match Loss
                       - $10/Match Win, meaning if you win every game, you will earn your full contract pay = $900
                       - $5/Match Loss, meaning if you lose every game, you will earn half your contract pay = $450
                       - $-10/Absence, meaning if you miss every game, you will earn nothing = $0

    How to become a Pro League Player:

  • You  must have a TFoC Premium Membership.
  • Go to The Battle Season & select a game that we host a Battle Season on.
  • You must compete in the monthly "Pro League Team Tournament" your clan host for that game and win.
       You will then face the Pro League player that you will be replacing in a first to 5 wins 1 vs 1 battle. If you
       win, you will take that person slot on the team beginning the next battle season. Every month is a
       battle season.

    Go to The Battle Season | The Battle Season Guide
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