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Pro Gaming Careers: The Fight Club

Version: 1.0  ●  Last Updated Jan 01, 2013

Position Overview: 

     As a participant in The Fight Club, which is a simulated environment for competitive fans of fighting/wrestling games, you are tasked with building a team (Up to 5 Members) and your reputation, which allows you to challenge Fight Club Bosses and rise the elite 15 boss leaderboard to become King/Queen of the Fight Club.

     As a Fight Club Boss, you and your crew will earn a set amount of cash (depending on the game) from defending your position in the Fight Club and knocking out the boss ranked above you. The higher your ranked in a Fight Club, the more you & your team will win defending and knocking off other bosses.



  • Own a PC or MAC Computer.
  • Own a Bluetooth/Microphone.
  • Own a PS3.
  • Have PlayStation Home installed on your PS3.
  • Have a PayPal Account.


  • A Fight Club Boss/Challenger & his/her crew earns cash after every successful match.

        Example: A Fight Club Boss with 2 Crew Members.
                       - Rank 15 Fight Club Boss successful defend = $750.00
                       - The Fight Club Boss/Challenger receives 70% = $525.00
                       - His/Her crew receives 30% = $225.00/ $112.50 goes to each member

    How to become a Fight Club Boss/Challenger:

  • You and each member of your crew must have a TFoC Premium Membership.
  • Go to The Fight Club & select a game that we host a Fight Club on.
  • Win the Fight Club Tournament for that game, which allows you to challenge the Fight Club Boss ranked
       #15. Should you win, you and your team will receive your first cash reward & replace the old Fight Club
       Boss and crew. You then can challenge the boss above you at will. Should you ever lose, you will be
       knocked out the Fight Club and have to start over.

    Go to The Fight Club | Fight Club Guide
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