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Quick FAQ - Clan Supply Store & Clan Banks

  •   What is the Clan Supply Store and what is it purpose?

         It is a online catalog of games, gaming accessories, and other relevant resources that gaming clans of the League of KMB can use to purchase products for use or rewarding purposes in their gaming clan, with the funds available to them from their clan bank.

  • What is a Clan Bank?

          A Clan Bank is a KMB clans online bank account, that funds are added to monthly by TFoC Network. The agreement between KMB & TFoC stipulates that 50% of the monthly revenue from TFoC Member subscriptions, be dispersed amongst the top 30 ranked gaming clans on the "Clans Rankings Leaderboard" on TFoC Network.

  • How much does a Clan Back receive a month?

    - (Fact)
       If it were 1,000 subscribed members, equaling $7,990.00 USD in that months TFoC Revenue,
       the League of KMB would receive half, $3,995.00. Majority of which, 99% or $3,954.90, goes to
       the top 30 clans, the other 1% or $40.10 USD goes to the League of KMB Treasury

    - (Scenario)
       If the clans were to distribute the funds equally, each clan bank would receive $131.83 USD per
       every 1,000 subscribed members.
       [Fun Fact]

       Using scenario, if TFoC had 1 million subscribed members, each clan would have received $131,830.00 USD
        to their clan banks each month.

    - (Reality)
      Due to clans being competitive, a Leaderboard ranking each clan based on a Total Score exists,
      and at the end of a month the scores are placed on a pie chart, and the funds are distributed to
      each clan based on its share percentage of the pie. So, if the number 1 Clan has a share
      percentage of 30%, that clan bank would receive $1,198.50 USD for that month.
       [Fun Fact]

        Using reality, if TFoC had 1 million subscribed members and the #1 Clan share percentage was 30%, that clan
        bank would receive $1,198,500.00
    USD for that month.

    ●  How much does a Non-Top 30 Ranking Clan Bank receive a month?

    A non-top 30 clan bank is funded based on their clan portal monthly ad revenue.
    - 50% of that revenue goes to its clan bank.
    - 30% goes to TFoC Network to support that clan portals web staff.
    - 20% goes to the Clans Leader.

  • Who can use the Clan Bank?

    Only the Clan Leader & Co-Leader has the ability to place orders on behalf of a gaming clan.

  • Where can Clan Bank money be used?

          To ensure that a clan "members" are benefiting from the Clan Bank, and not the Leaders, all clan bank money can only be used on items in the Clan Supply Store. Items not listed can also be requested.

  • Why is a Clan Bank needed?

          To guarantee to the members that their clan money is safe and not in the actual pockets of its leaders, who may use it for personal use. The Clan Leader & Co-Leader only receives items if they choose to purchase a "Clan Package", otherwise they are limited to making purchases "for the ONLY use" to reward either members of a "Party" or "Unit" of a clan.

  • What use is a Clan Bank?

    A Clan Bank can be used for a variety of activities in a clan, among many others:

    - It allows Clans to self-sponsor exclusive events and large prizes limited to their clan members

    - It allows Clans to reward exemplary members for achievements in their clan, such winning a
      TFoC Event.

    - It allows Clans to purchase vital equipment for members to enhance their clan, such as HD
      PVRs or other broadcasting equipment, allowing that clan to add more shows to its Clan TV

  • Who holds a Clans Bank money?

          The agreement between the League of KMB & TFoC Network stipulates, to ensure that a clan and not its leaders has the money, TFoC Network will hold it until a purchase is made. The money is then used by TFoC Network to purchase such items and ship them to its recipients. Keeping the recipients information private, and not in the hands of gamers.

    ●  How do Purchases/Orders work?

    - Step 1: A Clan Leader & Co-Leader authorizes an order to their Clan Bank Chief Financial
                  Officer, whom
    is designated by the ELL Division of the League of KMB.

    - Step 2: The CFO gathers the names of the recipients and sends them, along with the item 
                   name, to
    TFoC Network.

    - Step 3: TFoC Network processes the names with the accounts on their system, verifying where
                   to ship
    the item, using the address the recipient provided during their premium

    - Step 4: Once verified by recipients of correct address information, the items are shipped out,
                   and the
    Tracking ID's are then provided to the recipients.
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