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Account & Product Cancellation

TFoC Network & Company, LLC.

A Commercial Online Gaming Clan Service.

Your inquiry has been received.
Thank you for your service and we hope to see you again. Your selected subscriptions will be cancelled on the next billing date.
No more charges will occur.

What Now?

- Although you have canceled a Premium Service or Product with us, your TFoC Profile will remain live. You may delete your TFoC Profile by going to your Profile and edit it.

- If you choose not to delete your profile, you will be automatically entered into our "Free Membership" Program.

Quick FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I do not understand the Free Membership, how is it free?

Once you have accepted the Free Membership terms, you agree that you are or above the age of 13 years old and that you will recruit at least 5 members to your gaming clan that subscribes to a "Standard" or "Pro" TFoC Membership for every month that you remain a free member. Your recruits essentially supports your Free Membership features and accesses, including event entry fees at no cost to you.

2. Does the Free Membership offer full features?

Yes, the free membership offers all premium features excluding access to TFoC Add-Ons, TFoC Memberships Partner Program, TFoC Premium Events, and the ability to Create or Merge an Official League of KMB™ clan here on TFoC Network.

3. What does "5x Reward Requirement/Goals" mean?

We offer a Rewards Program that offers all members of TFoC network, various and simple ways to earn cash rewards, without having to be highly skilled at a certain game. Free membership subscribers are subjected to 5-times higher reward requirements. So for example, our "Mass Recruiter Reward", a Premium subscriber needs 100 recruits for $100 cash reward, but a free member needs 500 recruits for the $100 cash reward.

4. What if I would like to change my Free Membership to a Standard or Pro Membership?

You can change your free membership to a premium membership at anytime. Your TFoC Reward Programs requirements/goals will be switched to a premium status. Also, if as a free member you recruited over 100 premium members, but never reached the 500 recruit requirement/goal, we will instantly reward you with a $100 Cash reward after you submit a reward request.

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Kevin Fox
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TFoC Network & Company, LLC
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