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Gaming Clan Web Hosting

We offer gaming clans the opportunity to participate in our network, using our Clan Portals, providing that they are creating a League of KMB Clan & operate using our Clan Support Guide.
Your Members Get Paid To Stream

When your members stream their gaming live, it brings traffic to their page, which generates Ad Revenue.

We pay your members 70% of the monthly Ad Revenue generated on their page, and keep the remaining 30% for hosting & staff fee's.
All You Can Play, Big Cash-Payout Tournaments

We host fast, quick, and big-cash payout tournaments, contests, giveaways daily, weekly, and monthly.

Your Clans own TV Network

With our
TFoC® Broadcaster PASS, your clan members can embed their Twitch, Ustream, TinyChat, & YouTube live streams directly on your Clan portal.

We then organize these streams to create a online TV Network for your other members & gamers everywhere to watch them play.

The Social Network for Your Clan

Clan Portals allows your members to create Profiles, Chat in Forums, Post Pictures & Videos, and comment on the latest Clan news & upcoming events.

Exclusive Events for Your Clan
You and your Clan community can use your Clan Portal to organize exclusive tournaments, events, & activities for your Clan.

You can also request funding to put up Cash Prizes for events.


Introducing TFoC® Clan Portals

Clan Portals are websites designed & hosted by TFoC Network for the management and communication purposes of its Gaming Clans.

You & Your Clan earn Real Money!
The more your clan keep up activities on and around your Clan Portal, the more traffic it gets, which is what generates Ad Revenue (How websites make money).

Your Clan keeps 50% of all Monthly Ad Revenue generated on your portal and it goes to its Clan Bank, which we (TFoC) hold the funds, until requested for use in sponsoring your Clan Events.
(For More Information on Clan Banks, Click Here.)

You, if Clan Leader, receive 20% of all monthly Ad Revenue, which we (TFoC) pay you on the 30th day of every month.
(For More Information on How Your Paid, Click Here.)

We keep the remaining 30%, which is used to pay for your Clan Portal server & staff fee's.

Full Clan Portal Features

  • Chain of Command Chart
    A Chart that allows you & your clan to view and manage your Clans Leadership structure.

  • Clan History
    Allows you and your members to record the memorable moments of your clan.

  • Clan Hall of Fame
    Allows you and your clan to give recognition to the most valuable members of your clan, from Champions to Leaders.

  • Clan Bank
    Allows you & your clan to use the money your portal generates to fund prizes for your clans events/activities.

  • Clan Leaderboards
    Allows your clan various divisions and sections to compare each other based on stats, not opinion.

  • Clan TV Network
    Allows members of your clan with streaming channels, to stream directly from your Clan Portal and earn money from doing so.

  • Pro League Teams
    Allows your Clan to select the most elite players in your clan, to represent your Clan in League Events on a select game.
    Similar to the NBA, NFL, MLB, or FIFA.

    Allows the members of your Clan & outside gamers to rate your clan in a number of categories, which you can use to see where your clan needs improvements.

Simulated-Gaming Clan Services

The League of KMB Gaming Clan Organization
Join a Gaming Clan that feels like a game in itself, but with real rewards.
  • Challenge yourself by using your gaming skills, combined with your social skills to convince other members to vote for you, to rise & become the Leader of your Clan.

  • Then as Clan Leader, lead your clan to get ranked in the Top 30 Clans Leaderboard, which
       enables you to enter League Elections and run for League positions.

         Currently, any gaming clan or gamer, that wish to operate/participate on TFoC Network must be a KMB Clan or be in a KMB Clan. Because we cannot guarantee nor assure the members of non-KMB clans that they will get the standard of simulated-gaming clan services we offer.
What is a simulated-gaming clan service?

     A simulated-gaming clan is a gaming clan not controlled by a person, but by a system that creates a balanced playing field for all members to participate in, and use in their own way to achieve their own goals.

     The simulated-gaming clan service is being provided when the ranked members of these clans are paid to meet and exceed their set expectations. Ranging from
providing members with the latest news & opportunities going on in and around the clan, to making sure their members have a battle, event, or activity to look forward to whether they sign-in at 4pm or 4am.
How does the League of KMB provide their services?

     The League of KMB creates a simulated environment for its numerous Clans to meet, build, organize, expand, and compete for dominance of the League.

     Official Clans of KMB are ranked on the TFoC Clan Rankings Leaderboard based on 4 Categories: Number of Members, Clan Activity, Number of Champions, and Clan Leadership.

     All KMB Clans compete with each other to have the most members, active clan, most champions, and best Leaders.

     The Clans of KMB are ranked based on their official stats in those 4 categories at the end of every month, to decide which are going to be the Top 30 Clans that rule the League of KMB.

What is the League of KMB?

     The League of KMB, once an independent gaming clan organization on PlayStation 3, is the official gaming clan of TFoC Network, which provides the simulated-gaming clan service we offer.

     Killing Means Business (KMB), commonly referred to as the League of KMB or the League, is a organized league of gaming clans that operates using the Clan Support Guide created by TFoC Network. The League is a simulated-service that comes with a TFoC Membership. The simulation comes from the KMB clans efficient use of the Clan Support Guide. TFoC Network pays the KMB Clan Leaders to maintain their clans, which provide those simulated services.

     Any member of TFoC Network can create their own KMB Clan and plot their own rise to the top of the league for domination

     The League is governed by its Top 30 Ranked Clans, each of which are selected based on the top 30 listed clans on the TFoC Clan Rankings Leaderboard, which is updated on the 27th day of every month.
(For More Info on How KMB Clans Are Ranked, CLICK HERE)

     The League priorities are set by the league President, Vice-President, & Prime Minister, each of which serves a 3-month term upon winning the League Election that is held every 3 months. In order for you to be eligible to enter a election for any of the top 3 positions in the League, you must be the Clan Leader of a Top 30 Clan on the TFoC Clan Rankings Leaderboard.
All 3 positions are directly elected by the members of the league of KMB in the League Election.
(For More Info on How League Elections Work, CLICK HERE)


Why Join or Create a Clan in TFoC Network?

TFoC Network only succeeds when our Clans succeeds, which is why we re-invest our monthly profits directly back into our Clans & their High-Ranking Members.

Providing money to our clans, for them to sponsor their own exclusive events, attracts them more members, which in turn attracts us more members.

Paying our Clan Leaders & other High-Ranking members encourages them to cherish & take their positions more seriously, which increases the level of quality, organization, and leadership in our clans, plus attracts them more members, which in turn attracts us more members.
The more efficient our Clans are operated, the more members they will attract.

The higher our TFoC Events cash payouts & clans quality are, the more members will subscribe.


More subscribed members, and the more we can pay our Clans & their Clan Leaders monthly, to continue to operate with efficiency.

Why set Money as our real goal?

  • Gamers can only volunteer so much time to a clan before it become a waste, but money gives the time wasted a purpose.
  • Gamers can only play so much online gaming before it becomes repetitive and a waste of time, but money gives the time wasted a reason.
  • Clan Leaders can only operate a clan in a organized fashion for so long, before it starts to feel like role-play, but money keeps them serious.

Which Type of Online Gamer Are You?


Your someone who plays with almost any free time you get between school, work, or family, but usually get bored after an hour or so online due to this generation of games being the same as the last with minor tweaks. Then most people are without mics, and the ones that do have a mic would rather annoy you or argue with you over complete nonsense, instead of working with you to dominate the other team.

Join our Clans

  • Be able to get online at any time of the day to a join a Clan Battle, Event, or Activity with people you know and have practiced game plans with.

  • Your friends list will become a private community where you will know & play with all of them, and they too know and play with you and each other.

  • The reputation you build in your community of clan members from being a key member in a battle, or always having the latest news on upcoming events & happenings in the clan, can be used by you to get members to vote for you in the weekly promotion elections.


our someone who plays online regularly and completely dominate to the point its just not fun anymore to be so good and not be paid a decent amount for it. Obviously, splitting that $500 Reward Money from MLG between 8 people, after a 2-month long tournament is not cutting it anymore.

Join our Clans
  • As a member of our clans your eligible to be a Premium Member on our site, whom among many things, have unlimited free-entry in to our daily, weekly, & monthly cash-prize TFoC tournaments, giveaways, and contests. And that's on top of the frequent cash-prize events your own clan runs.

  • Meet other skilled players like yourself in our clans to form an elite squad, to win even more events & cash prizes across TFoC.

  • Win a spot on your Clans official Pro League Team, which competes in our League-Teams only monthly ladders, and negotiate a cash-contract deal with your Clan Leader how much you want to be paid to represent his/her Clan.


our someone who has experience with building a gaming clan, but the hassle of finding worthy Co-Leaders is a drag, on top of the annoyance of all of your members coming to you when their is a problem. You constantly try to keep things organized to do a meaningful event, but things never seem to work the way you want.

Create Your Clan on our Network
  • Use our Clan Portals as your Gaming Clan
       headquarters to post events, news, and
       other updates going on around your clan.

  • Use our Chain of Command system to make sure that every single post gets relayed to every single member, from the top-down.

  • Use our Clan Support Guide to operate your Chain of Command & Clan, which turns your clan into a self-train & self-fixing organization, where your members can regularly vote for/out those who who lead them and be voted for themselves.

  • Use the money your Clans' Clan Portal
       generate monthly from Ad Revenue, to put
       up cash-prizes to sponsor your clans own
       exclusive events.

  • Get paid 20% of your Clans' Clan Portal
       monthly Ad Revenue, for being the Leader
       and operating your Clan using our system, in
       our network.

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