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Ranked Member Guides: How To Be a Crew Member.
Version: 1.0  ●  Last Updated Jan 01, 2013


  • What is a Crew Member?

A Crew Member is a individual listed on a Crew Members list, managed by a Crew Leader.

1. A Crew Member is recruited, organized, & maintained by a Crew Leader.

2. The purpose of a Crew Member is to build their reputation, participate in events/activities, and
    get voted
into the Chain of Command to start their gaming clan careers and carry on the clan        for the next generation of members.

3. An average official KMB Clan maintains 12,672 Crew Members, divided amongst 128 Crew

4. Up to 99 Crew Members each, are managed by 1 of 128 Crew Leaders.

  • What are the Requirements to be a Crew Member?

1. Must have a KMB Clan account.

2. Must have a TFoC Profile. (TFoC Premium Membership subscription is optional).

3. Must have a Profile registered to their KMB Clan' TFoC Clan Portal. 

  • What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Crew Member?

A Crew Member duties are to function as:

1. Representatives for only their crew (99 Active - Clan Recruits).

A Crew Member is responsible for:

1. Keeping his/her KMB account friends list updated every Monday with the new crew members 
    list, updated on Mondays by their Crew Leader & posted on their crew forum section .

2. Attending crew, party, unit, and clan-level events & activities, if and when possible..

3. Winning TFoC Events & Championships for his/her clan, if and when possible.

  • What does a Crew Member have the power to do in their crew?

A Crew Member has the power to: 

1. Request to the Crew Leader to be appointed a Game Captain, which is a unofficial position
    that handles any and all events/activities (Clan Battles, Recruiting, etc) on a specific game, on 
    behalf of the Crew 
Leader but with the Crew Leader consent before any actions.

2. Create, organize, and manage crew-level events/activities, with either the Crew Leader 
    consent or signed participation of 32 crew members or more.
    (Signed Participation = a comment on a event posting stating favor for the event)

3. Request to the Party Leader to remove a "straight 3-term (or more)" Crew Leader, only with 
    cause & effect of poor leadership. If dispute cannot be settled through a compromise between 
    a Crew Member & Crew Leader, the Party Leader can hear the dispute and decide for or 
    against the request. 

4. Enter Crew Elections to become the next Crew Leader. You must meet Crew Leader 
    requirements & announce that you’re running 
for election by posting your announcement in 
    the "General Discussion" thread of your Crew Forum section, on your Clan Portal. Your name 
    will be added to the election poll.

5. Request to the Crew Leader, to allow a member to join their crew.

6. Leave the KMB Clan they were recruited in, to create their own KMB Clan.
    (Tip: Before creating your own clan, read the CLAN START-UP guides to know & understand 
            the steps of creating a KMB Clan, then decide to leave or not.)

  • What does a crew member do if he/she gets removed from their 
    Member list by the Crew Leader?

    If you are a Crew Member that for what ever reason gets deleted from your Crew Member list:

    1. You can dispute it with the Party Leader of your crew, if you believe it was done out of spite.

    2. If inactive & you return, you can ask the Crew Leader to be added back when a spot is 
        available, but play solo until then.

    3. You can try asking a different Crew Leader in your clan to join his/her crew, if not accepted 
         you will remain a "member" until you are accepted to a crew.

    4. You can try asking a Crew Leader in a different KMB Clan to join his/her crew. 
        (Note: If you switch KMB Clans. you will have to:
                   1. Create a new KMB account & a new PS Home avatar for it.
                   2. Re-signup to TFoC Premium subscriptions (If you have any).
                   3. Create a new TFoC Profile & profile for that KMB Clans' Clan Portal.

    5. Leave the KMB Clan you were recruited in, to create your own KMB Clan.
        (Tip: Before creating your own clan, read the CLAN START-UP guides to know & understand 
                 the steps of creating a KMB Clan, then decide to leave or not.)
  • How to become a Crew Member

    To become a Crew Member, you must either:

1. Be a "Member" of a KMB Clan and asked by a Crew Leader to join his/her crew.

2. Be a "Member" of a KMB Clan and ask a Crew Leader to join his/her crew.

3. Be a "Member" of a KMB Clan and ask a Crew Member to recommend him/her to his/her 
    Crew Leader, to join their crew.

4. Be recruited by a Crew Leader, which automatically puts you in his/her crew. (You can decide 
    to switch crews, or not be a part of any crew, at any point you decide.)
  • How To Be a Successful Crew Member

Fulfill your roles & responsibilities as a Crew Member, until you win a Crew Leader election.

1. Assist your Crew Members to make sure that they are always active & involved in 
    your crew events/activities.

    - Keep your members updated on crew, clan, KMB, & TFoC events/activities, and how to join 

    - Make sure your Crew constantly have events/activities running/upcoming.

    - Make sure your Crew Members are properly & consistently using your Crew forums on your 
      clans' portal.

2. Build your reputation as a Crew Member with achievements, such as creating 
and/or successful ideas/plans that resulted in increased 
    activity in your 

3. Establish your reputation amongst other Crew Members within your Crew, by 
    showing that 
you are the 
best Crew Member, without saying it. 

4. When ready for promotion, enter the Crew Leader election. 
    - Your reputation of achievements will influence other Crew Members within your Crew to vote 
       for you. 

  • What are the Rules as a Crew Member?

1. On your PS3 KMB Account Friends list, you must only add/have your listed Crew 
    Members & Crew Leader
, all others must add your TFoC/Clan Portal Profiles to 

    - This policy keeps unnecessary non-crew member drama out of the crew.

    Penalty: Removal from crew.

2. Should there ever be a issue with your Crew Leader that requires you to go over 
    their head, 
cannot break the Chain of Command:

    - You must contact the Party Leader representing your Crew via Clan Portal, to setup a 
      meeting between you 
& the Party Leader. 

    - The Party Leader has the final judgement over all Crew member-to-member issues.

    Penalty: Removal from crew.

4. If you are/may go offline for more than 48-hours, provide notice by posting in your 
    Crew forum 
category, under your Crew Forum section.

    - Remember that your position is expendable and easily replaceable

    Penalty: Removal from crew.

5. You are required to be informed when making decisions from demoting a ranked 
    member to creating events/activities & plans for your Crew. 

    - You must check your TFoC Profile & its inbox daily & frequently.
    - You must check your Clan Portal Profile & its inbox daily & frequently.
    - You must check your Crew News daily. (Found on your Clan Portal.)

    Penalty: Removal from crew.

6. It is recommended that before you game online, that you assemble an entourage to 
    accompany you.

    - Use these opportunities to socialize in-game with a Crew Members to further increase their 
      loyalty to 
you and get insight/opinions/ideas for events/activities from non-ranked members.

      Penalty: Risk losing an election.

All guides are created & updated based on feedback, by the League of KMB CLL Division
Committee on Guideline Development & Improvement and are NOT the views expressed by TFoC Network & Company, LLC.
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