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Ranked Member Guides: How To Be a Party Leader.

Version: 1.0  ●  Last Updated Jan 01, 2013

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Notice: Disregard & Skip this guide if your Clans' Chain of Command is already filled. If not, continue reading.

  • What to know & understand before Recruiting.

1. You are here to learn how to mass recruit Crew Leaders, in order to build your Party efficiently.

2. You must understand that you are not recruiting for some upcoming tournament or clan battle,
    so the game skill of these particular recruits are not important.

3. You are recruiting to manage 8 of the most active gamers on PSN (hopefully intelligent), to be
    in line after you are promoted to Unit-Captain.

How to Recruit Crew Leaders, as a Party Leader.


As a Party Leader, your first goal for your unit is to fill it with qualified people. To do this in the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way, you will need to recruit, train, and promote 8 members to Crew Leaders. Lets start with recruiting first.

Below you are provided with a 4-step mass recruiting system, that will allow you to recruit, train, and promote all 8 members in 1-day, without ever speaking a word to them.

This system benefits both you and your recruits by creating a simple yes or no offer:

- If yes, they receive the next message of information and directions.

- If no, it benefits you because you did not waste your time explaining anything to that recruit and
  can simply move on with no strings attached.


STOP! Come back to this page using your PS3 - Internet Browser.

1. On your PS3, go to the Internet Browser.
2. Go to tfocnetwork.com & Sign-In.
3. Now, go to
    -> Press Triangle & go down and press X on "Cancel", which stops the
        page from constant loading, and allows you to "copy" text from it.


Complete the following 4 Steps, so you can have the recruiting messages    saved to your PS3.

1. Locate & understand what your "Players Met" is and how it functions.

- "Players Met" is located on the PS3 XMB (main menu), under "Friends".

- "Players Met" shows you a list of the 50 most recent players you have encountered while
   gaming online.

- "Players Met" automatically updates when you encounter new gamers, but may be delayed
   depending on your internet connection speed.

- "Players Met" has a key noticeable difference from your friends list because gamers names on it
   features "no colored dot" between their avatar & name, but your friends list shows either a blue,
   yellow, red, or grey dot.

2. Locate & understand what your "Create Message" is and how it functions.

- "Create Message" is located in your Message Box, under "Friends" on your PS3 main menu
   under "Friends".

- "Create Message" allows you to send up to 12 messages at once, in less than 10 seconds.

- "Create Message" enables you to send messages to your "Players Met" .

   -> Using the option "select from friends list", scroll down to the bottom of your friends list until
       you reach the point where their are "no colored dots" next to the names - that is your
       "Players Met", and it is in alphabetical order of the 50 most recent gamers you've came in
       contact with.

3. Learn how to "Copy & Paste" messages on PS3.

-  To "Copy", While viewing a message, press "X" to begin copying; While typing a message, go to
   the bottom-right corner of the on-screen keyboard and move 1 space to the left and it will say
   "copy", press "X" to begin copying.

-  Hold either "down" or "up" to highlight the entire message in blue and press "X", you will see
   "copy completed".

-  To "Paste", go to "Create Message" While typing a message, go to the bottom-right corner of
   the on-screen keyboard and it will say "paste", press "X" and the "start" button.

4. Copy & Save the recruiting messages to your "Message Box" on your PS3.

-  Delete your PS3 Inbox. Go to your PS3 Message Box -> Received (Press Triangle and click

-  Copy each message below in order. Do not copy the subjects, just the bodies (highlighted in

-  Go to your PS3 Message Box -> Create Message (select "Enter Online ID" and enter your KMB
   PSN ID)

   -> Type "Read" in the subject -> Paste the relating body of the "Read" message -> Send.

You will receive the message, go to it (do not open it), press Triangle and go down to "protect".
This message is now protected from being deleted, now do the same for the following 3 Messages.

Recruiting Messages (Party Leader Version):

Message 1
Message 1

Read/Yes or No?
Hey, I am building a very organized PS3 Gaming Clan.
Unlike other PS3 Clans, my Clan will actually do activities, other than boring our members until they quit.

Im currently organizing & looking for "Co-Leaders". You will be trained first.
- Age 16+
- A Mic
- A Computer
- Online mostly Evenings/Nights
- Able to Read & Comprehend w/ No Help

If you meet all the requirements & want to try out to be a Co-Leader, just ADD ME or REPLY.
Message 2
Message 2

Subject: Requirements
1. You will need to create a TAG Clan account. You will use it to hold all TAG members & participate in TAG's battles, videos, meetings, and tournaments.

2. You can still use your main account.

3. Im ONLY looking for gamers willing to be Co-Leaders. The position/rank is not hard. We have easy & simple "How To" guides for all the positions/ranks in our clan.

Okay with you?
Message 3
Message 3

Subject: Make Account/Read

To join KMB TAG, you need a KMB TAG gamertag.
Below shows u how to create it.

1. Go Create a new "USER" on your PS3
2. Then go "Sign Up" to the "PSN" again
3. You can use gmail.com to create fast n easy email. Always use easy to remember password.

4. For your "Online ID", it depends what CONTINENT u live on.
Make Yours: iKMB-TAG-(Name)
Only "IF" you live in Africa, Europe, Asia, or Australia.

Make Yours: KMB_TAG_(Name)
Only "IF" you live in North or South America.

Go make it & Add Me
Message 4
Message 4

Subject: Welcome/Read


I want u to be 1 of my 8 Crew Leaders.
The 7-steps below takes 5 mins to do.
Please do NOT skip a step or u'll get confused. It explains everything about TAG.

1. Go to KMBTAG-tfocnetwork.com
2. Click Learn how to use the site, then Re-Enter the Portal
3. Register to the portal
4. Take TAG Tour
5. On the Portal Bar, click "MEMBERS", search & add my profile
6. On TFoC Bar, click "Clan Support Guide" -> Ranked Member Guides -> Read Guides #1 & #6
7. Msg me if you want the position.
     In all, you should have four messages protected in your inbox, from the bottom to the top should read; "Read/Yes or No?", "Requirements", "Make Account/Read", "Welcome & Read".

     Now, you need to resend all four messages back to yourself in the same order, but this time you need to replace the clan tags in messages 2 & 3 from "TAG" to your KMB Clans actual tag, to prevent your members from making the wrong clan account. For message 4 -> step #1, change KMBTAG-tfocnetwork.com to KMB"Your Clan Tag (without any underscores or dashes).
For example: KMB_S-C-K_ clan portal link looks like "KMBSCK-tfocnetwork.com".

All guides are created & updated based on feedback, by the League of KMB CLL Division
Committee on Guideline Development & Improvement and are NOT the views expressed by TFoC Network & Company, LLC.
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