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Ranked Member Guides: Ranked Member Orientation.
Version: 1.0  ●  Last Updated Jan 01, 2013

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PART 1    PART 2


  • Ranked Member Orientation: Part 1

      As a member entering the leadership of any KMB clan, requires that you change your outlook of online gaming and games. You must accept that games are only a game, being skilled on it will not improve your reality, nor should you expect respect or any kind or real admiration because of it.

     To be involved and be successful in rising through any KMB clan leadership, requires you to be confident, social, mature, and most importantly reliable. Although you are a gamer, you must be able to have self-control of yourself and not let a game consume you (too much), and get in the way of the goals and responsibilities that comes with a ranked position.

As a Ranked Member, will I still be able to game as usual?

     You will still be a gamer at the end of the day, except you will be playing the game of command and conquer. For example, instead of pressing buttons to make your screen do entertaining things, you will be able to get online and say to your members, "By this time, this day, I want to get on this game and see a lobby full with only our members".

     But if you want to have some real fun exerting your power, be creative and productive, give one of your members this mission, say:

"Hey, that Clan A is a distraction, I do not want to see them around anymore.

1. I want you to join their clan and rise in their leadership, all the while spreading information of
    the fun events and activities going on in our clan & how Clan A are doing nothing.

2. By you spreading the information, it will get their members interested in our clan and gain you
    their confidence & loyalty for actually trying to do events in Clan A that rivals our clan.

3. Become their Co-Leader, meet with the Clan A Leader and discuss a merger of Clan A & our
    - If Clan A Leader agrees, have them all make accounts like our clan.
    - if Clan A Leader does not agree, leave the Clan and the majority of his/her members will
      follow you.

4. I want this done in less than 2 weeks."

     Operations like this require only 1 member, but most KMB clans have over 30 of these operations or like it, going on all the time.


Is being a Ranked Member hard or a lot of work?

     You decide. Management of a KMB clan becomes the game you play, but instead of pressing buttons all day, you create plans & put gamers in place to bring your vision to reality. Rather that be infiltrating and consuming non-KMB clans from the outside-in, or setting up a Call of Duty tournament with a special rule that no walking or running is allowed, only crawling and climbing.

     Rather being ranked is hard or not depends on you and the amount of effort your willing to put into your position. You just have to remember that your position is a elected position and members elected you (in most cases) to your position for a reason.

      If you can get it in your head that you are playing command & conquer, and not the disc in your console, succeeding in a KMB Clan leadership will definitely be easy (and financially rewarding) for you. But the moment you seem to neglect your role by putting pointless/petty online matches/disputes before your clan duties, you can and will be voted out & replaced by the same people you recruited and/or elected you.

The game of command and conquer has 3 achievements for those who play it the best:

1. You can rise to become your clan next Clan Leader (Until someone who plays it better than you
    dethrones you or you get elected to 1 of the 3 Head positions of KMB).

2. You can become the next President of the League of KMB (If you play it better than all the
    other KMB Clan Leaders).

3. You can/will be paid by TFoC Network. How?

    - By you managing your clan using the Clan Support Guide, you are actually creating a
      simulated environment, which provides a quality gaming clan service & experience to the
      members you lead/direct.

    - Depending on your clan ranking on the TFoC Clan Rankings Leaderboard, decides which
      1 of the 2 criteria your paid in, as a Clan Leader.

      1. As a Top 30 Clan or League Leader, you are paid based off of TFoC's membership
          subscriptions, monthly.

      2. As a Non-Top 30 Clan Leader, you are paid 20% of your Clan Portal monthly ad revenue 
          by TFoC, monthly.

      (For More Info on Gaming Clan Careers, Click Here.)

If you are the type of gamer who would prefer to mash buttons all day for no return, other than the slight amusements on your TV screen, DO NOT go through with this promotion.

All guides are created & updated based on feedback, by the League of KMB CLL Division
Committee on Guideline Development & Improvement and are NOT the views expressed by TFoC Network & Company, LLC.
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