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Introducing a New Reward: Pass & Win!
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The TFoC Network Pass & Win! Program

TFoCActivities is looking to reward YOU for your participation in our daily QUIZZES.
We choose the 1st, 50th, 100th, 250th, 500th, and 1,000th participator(s) that pass as the winner(s), which ensures random fairness, and 5 chances for you to to win.

Note: Members of TFoC Beta Testing Program reward requirements are 50% OFF or cut in half.
  • Who is eligible?
    • To be eligible to win a prize, you must have a FREE*, STANDARD, or PRO membership.
    • To be eligible to win a prize, you must pass the selected quiz with a score of 100%.
    *Free members must have met their 5 recruit monthly agreement, in order to claim a prize.

  • What do you get?
        For each participator that passes a quiz, based on their passing position, will win a PSN Card.
    • First and 1,000th winner - $50 PlayStation® Network Card (USD)
    • Remaining 3  winners - $20 PlayStation® Network Card (USD)

  • How it works:
Step 1 - You take a quiz and pass with a score of 100%.
Step 2 - 6 days after posting date of quiz, we announce the winners names on Twitter
3 - We contact the winners within 24-hours of announcements to claim their prize.

That's right! You can earn $20 or $50 PSN Cards just by passing a 5-8 question quiz on topics of gaming. The more quizzes you pass, the higher your chances of winning. We choose winners in order of their participant place, meaning if you were too busy during the posting of the quiz to be the first participant, you still have 4 chances to win.

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